Let Wattsly help you be more energy efficient.

Visualize your energy usage and become more aware
of your energy consumption in one little application.

Wattsly is your personalized energy butler that helps you monitor and lower your electricity usage! Wattsly provides you an interactive platform to visualize your energy usage; Wattsly also provides great statistics to challenge yourself to lower your usage, and helps you make great consumer choices for your wallet and the planet.

Amazing Features

Wattsly has a wide array of features to aid you in your energy savings.

Smart Graph

Smart Graph is an interactive tool that provides daily electricity usage information that is easy to visualize, understand, and interpret. The Smart Graph distinctly shows your usage in high peak, mid peak and low peak hours, helping you to understand when you are using the most electricity during the day.

My Statistics

Wattsly offers great advise on how to lower your usage energy based on the tags you entered and also provides you a list of your most used tags. Wattsly also goes through your data and determines your average usage of the past 30 days, the day before and the past week to determine how your usage is trending.


Wattsly’s Smart Graph allows users to tap each point on the graph and tag activities they were conducting during that hour. Some high energy consuming tags such as laundry, cooking, and showering have already been provided as default tags and customized tags can also be entered.


Wattsly provides you a list of smart products based on your tags that can help you lower your energy usage. The products were reviewed through several blogs, Energy Star Reviews, as well as other product experts. Wattsly also provides you where you can locally purchase the product and helpful information about the product, just in case you don’t want to purchase it.


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